Pennsylvania school districts boot unvaccinated children

I don’t remember getting the chicken pox when I was young.  I was only three years old.  What I do remember is that my dad got the chicken pox at the exact same time I did. I’ve seen the photos, and trust me when I say that you don’t want to see them.  It was bad.
But I never remember getting measles.  I didn’t even know what mumps were as a teenager.  Rubella?  I’m still not sure about that one.  I remember learning in history class that FDR rode a wheelchair as president because he had polio as a child.  I also remember my grade school teachers telling us we should all be grateful for not having to deal with such a debilitating disease, and to be honest, I’m glad I’ve never seen anyone my whole life confined to a wheelchair because of polio.
On the other hand, maybe if we did see a polio-ridden child being wheeled about every now and again, parents would be a bit more enthusiastic about getting their kids vaccinated.  Case in point: when several cases of measles in Utah were traced to unvaccinated european travelers, people paid attention.
In at least one part of the country, parents and students are apparently so apathetic about getting their kids vaccinated that the state has resorted to extreme measures.
Michael Rubinkam, writing for Philly.com, reports Pennsylvania has imposed an ultimatum: either get your kids vaccinated or they won’t be allowed in school.
The ultimatum was delivered with warnings aplenty.  Students and parents got eight months from the beginning of the school year to get vaccinated, but hundreds of students didn’t comply.  There was even a two week grace period at the end of the eight months, and although the vast majority of students took their medicine, still some wallowed in apathy towards the vaccinations.
This begs the question: why?  Why would parents fail to act in the interests of their children’s health (besides religious or medical concerns)?
Perhaps it’s because today’s parents are a lot like me; they’ve never seen the devastating effects of these diseases firsthand.  And with vaccines being as inexpensive and common as they are today, I hope that I never do have to see those effects manifest firsthand, especially in my own children.

Source : http://familynews.com/pennsylvania-school-districts-boot-unvaccinated-children/

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